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UK customs and documentation, what is required?

  1. Invoice with relevant data
  2. Proof of Origin documents if applicable
  3. Product specific document if applicable

When sending goods to the UK. regulations governing the import of goods are bound.

Customs requirements#

  • Each parcel do not require a physical customs declaration form if the customs process will be performed via IT systems.
  • Each parcel do not require a commercial invoice if clearance is performed automatically though we strongly advise you to attach it to the parcel to facilitate the customs process.
  • Multiples are not permitted.
  • Value HS Code requirements.

Import duties and taxes#

UK charges tax and import duties that are applicable on the majority of imports. However the amount of duties and tax depend on the value of the goods shipped.

Please note! We do our best to keep this information up to date, but as the sender you are ultimately responsible for the contents of your shipment. Spring may not be held responsible for any damages to or confiscation of the shipment. Therefore, we ask that you refer to the website of your local postal company, customs department, or embassy of the country to which you are sending your shipment for the most recent information.

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