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HS Codes Generator

HS codes generator

Every successful international shipment requires a valid HS code. However, determining the correct code can be difficult, which is why our API and SpringOmni platform allow you to quickly and easily cross-reference basic product descriptions with our comprehensive database of HS codes. Our tool also provides real-time identification of black-listed goods.

Linehaul to the US

Linehaul to the US

Spring GDS maintains a dedicated line haul to the US every single day. Our reliable cross-border shipping network allows us to inject your parcel into the USPS, UPS, and FedEx networks quickly and easily. In addition, our freight carriers submit all the necessary information to comply with the ACE pre-screen, which ensures all parcels are delivered across the border without delay.

Pick and Pack

Pick and pack

Let Spring GDS be your company's personalized logistics center. We're happy to provide customized shipping and logistics services, including receiving inventory, sorting, packing, shipping and tracking. We work with experienced professionals to manage the whole process from start to finish.

Landed Costs Calculator

Landed costs calculator

Each product shipped has a duty and tax applied on imports at a rate that varies from country to country. This variability can make it difficult and time-consuming to get accurate estimates, which is why our API and SpringOmni platform has a built-in landed cost calculator. We give your business the tools to show customers the total cost of their purchase. This increased transparency reduces both "sticker shock" and customer turnover.

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